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Intellectual Property Protection for Generative Artificial Intelligence Creations (Technology Institute 2023)

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  • Start Date:2023-03-27 20:00:00
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The Infinite Monkey Theorem states that an infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of keyboards would eventually generate the complete works of William Shakespeare. A more recent, and far more limited test of this theorem involved a professional photographer named David Slater providing several great apes with access to his cameras. The photographer sold copies of the resulting monkey selfies, which in turn generated a great deal of discussion and a few court cases over the question of who owned the copyrights in the selfies. In the past few years, the issue has shifted from monkey-created works to generative AI works. Who owns the rights to works and inventions created in whole or in part by a computer program? Who will speak for the monkeys? And will chatbots speak for themselves?

Recorded at the Technology Institute in March 2023.


Frederic Wilf Esq.

Mr. Wilf practices technology and intellectual property as the managing partner of Wilftek LLC. The majority of his work has been in information technology, including software and hardware, cloud, ecommerce, mobile and blockchain technologies, as well as data privacy and other compliance work. He also works in the chemicals, electronics, and pharmaceuticals industries. He works with clients of all sizes (one-person startups to Fortune 500 to Global 10,000) to develop strategies for the protection of their intellectual property, including patents (not a patent agent), trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, industrial designs and mask works (semiconductor designs). He also works with charities and other non-profit entities. Mr. Wilf has taught copyright law and cyberlaw as an adjunct professor at Rutgers Law School, and was formerly the editor of a four-volume treatise, “Computer Software: Protection / Liability / Law / Forms” (Thomson Reuters). He plans and speaks at continuing legal education seminars on technology and intellectual property; including several CLE seminars going back to the 1990s. He may be reached at fred@wilftek.com, and his firm may be found online at www.wilftek.com.

Joshua Waterston Esq.

Josh Waterston is a senior attorney with Wilftek. He practices intellectual property and technology law, focusing on the intersection of technology, privacy, and security. He enables clients to leverage information technology, especially cloud computing, while mitigating their legal and financial exposure. He helps clients take advantage of opportunities created by new technology without falling into hidden traps. Wilftek works with clients of all sizes (one-person startups to Fortune 500 to Global 10,000). Prior to joining Wilftek, Josh was associated with two other law firms, practicing intellectual property and technology law. He has represented clients in Federal copyright, trademark, and patent infringement litigation. During the first part of his career, Josh litigated well over 30,000 civil and criminal cases from trial through appellate stages. He served as Chief Counsel of the Delaware County Office of Support Enforcement, managing the law office of Pennsylvania’s third-largest child support agency and leading a program which collected over $3 Million in overdue child support. Josh is admitted to practice in Pennsylvania state courts, as well as the United States District Courts in the Eastern, Middle, and Western districts of Pennsylvania. He is a member of the Delaware County Bar Association, the Pennsylvania Bar Association, and the Pennsylvania Intellectual Property Forum. He is a current member and former board member of the Cloud Security Alliance – Delaware Valley Chapter. He has taught at continuing legal education seminars on family law, technology and ethics, and intellectual property law. He has been voted one of the top attorneys in Delaware County and the Main Line over the last several years. He may be reached at josh@wilftek.com.

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