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Paperless on a Few Pennies: Microsoft 365

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Is your firm going paperless? 

Companies are increasingly turning to paperless office practices. However, for law firms that have historically relied on hard copies of documents, the phrase, “going paperless,” may invoke a certain level of unease. 

Join attorney James Tupitza and Microsoft Content Expert, Ben Schorr, as they explain how Microsoft 365 and its suite of online tools can be leveraged to not only revitalize your office management style, but also ease the worry of “going paperless” and provide a better overall experience for your clients. 

Speaking from personal experience and drawing on Mr. Schorr’s vast knowledge base, our expert presenters will provide information and guidance that will take your firm’s office management to the next level. 

Recorded in April 2023.


James Gast

Jim is not just another talking tech-head who only uses “geek-speak”. As CEO of SpliceNet Consulting, he is a noted law firm cybersecurity & tech expert. Gast hasn’t taken a usual path to his success in the cyber and tech in the legal biz. As a young Chemist that served as a Customer liaison he developed skills that made him a proven listener, evaluator and communicator. The skills ultimately taught him to deliver on-point content to his audiences. After leaving that he soon found a niche in serving the legal industry in the area of technology and cybersecurity. Technology and cybersecurity education and consulting are the heart of James’ passion and expertise. While his company SpliceNet Legal Cybersecurity & Technology continues to serve customers, Jim spends much of his time working with firms employ today’s next-gen tech and ensure strong cybersecurity practices. He enjoys writing either for national legal publications like ABA GPSolo, Inside Legal & CIO magazines, and blogging but more than all he’s most energetic engaging live audiences including the Association of Legal Administrators both at local chapters and the ALA’s National & Regional Conferences and empowering their members to solve their most difficult Cybersecurity challenges.  Jim’s is passionate about his family, his faith, helping his community and running all of which give him to motivation to serve his customers and professional community.

James Tupitza Esq.

Mr. Tupitza is a practicing attorney in West Chester under the firm name of Tupitza & Associates, PC. He practices primarily in the areas of real estate, business law and related litigation. Mr. Tupitza served as chair of the Real Estate Section of the Chester County Bar Association for many years. A frequent speaker and course planner for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, and he has presented educational programs for various title insurance underwriters and real estate groups. Mr. Tupitza has authored materials on use of current technology, and chapters on real estate, deeds, boundary disputes, lien priority, riparian rights, realty transfer taxes, ethics, the drafting of legal descriptions, short sales, cost segregation studies, various title insurance matters, and real estate agent professional liability. He is admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Tax Court. Mr. Tupitza received his B.A. from Temple University, his J.D. from Widener University Delaware Law School and his LL.M. in Federal Taxation from Villanova University.

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