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Sale of a Practice 2023

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  • Start Date:2023-05-15 20:00:00
  • End Date:2025-05-15 20:00:00
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  • Topics:Law Practice Management

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[{"jurisdiction":"Supreme Court of Delaware Commission on Continuing Legal Education","status":"Self Apply","state":"Delaware","credits":"","expiration_date":"May 15, 2024","speciality_credit":[{"category":"Law Office Management","state_category":"General","credit":"1.0"}]},{"jurisdiction":"Virginia State Bar","status":"Self Apply","state":"Virginia","credits":"","expiration_date":"October 31, 2023","speciality_credit":[{"category":"Law Office Management","state_category":"General","credit":"1.0"}]},{"jurisdiction":"Supreme Court of New Jersey Board on Continuing Legal Education","status":"Reciprocity ","state":"New Jersey","credits":"","expiration_date":"May 15, 2026","speciality_credit":[{"category":"Law Office Management","state_category":"General","credit":"1.2"}]},{"jurisdiction":"The Florida Bar","status":"Self Apply","state":"Florida","credits":"","expiration_date":"November 15, 2024","speciality_credit":[{"category":"Law Office Management","state_category":"General","credit":"1.0"}]},{"jurisdiction":"New York CLE Board","status":"Approved","state":"New York","credits":"","expiration_date":"May 15, 2026","speciality_credit":[{"category":"Law Office Management","state_category":"Law Practice Management","credit":"1.0"}]},{"jurisdiction":"Supreme Court of Ohio","status":"Applied for","state":"Ohio","credits":"","expiration_date":"December 31, 2023","speciality_credit":[{"category":"Law Office Management","state_category":"General","credit":"1.0"}]},{"jurisdiction":"West Virginia State Bar Continuing Legal Education Commission","status":"Applied for","state":"West Virginia","credits":"","expiration_date":"May 15, 2026","speciality_credit":[{"category":"Law Office Management","state_category":"Office Management","credit":"1.22"}]},{"jurisdiction":"Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education Board","status":"Approved","state":"Pennsylvania","credits":"","expiration_date":"May 15, 2025","speciality_credit":[{"category":"Law Office Management","state_category":"General","credit":"1.0"}]}]
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Law firms are businesses, but they cannot be bought and sold like any other business. Firms must be careful to understand and follow Rule 1.17, which guides the process of selling a practice. This course will examine in detail what can and cannot be done.

Locating a buyer can be a matter of serendipity. But in most instances is requires an analysis to identify potential buyers, and a strategy to make them aware of the opportunity available. This course will discuss many of the strategies employed  successfully.

One of the most perplexing problems lawyers face is determining the best method(s) to successfully transfer value to a new owner. There is often an intensely personal nature to the attorney-client relationship. It is said that clients hire lawyers, not firms. And often that is true. For this reason, a well thought-out transition plan is essential to a successful sale. The course will reveal the components of good transition plans.

Methods of payout vary widely from one sale to another. This session will explore many of the variations, and the considerations for both purchaser and seller.

Finally, as with any legal transaction, having a clearly written agreement ensures compliance, and avoids misunderstandings.

Recorded in February 2023.

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