Special Needs Trusts in Pennsylvania

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Contains a detailed table of contents, sample forms, checklists, and questionnaires to guide you through the difficult process of creating a special needs trust.

Summary of Contents

  • Introduction to Special Needs Trusts
  • The Disability Programs
  • The Health Insurance Programs
  • Other Means-Based Benefits
  • Trusts and their Impact on SSI/MA Benefits
  • Steps to Establish a Special Needs Trust
  • Income Taxation of Special Needs Trusts
  • The Administration of the Special Needs Trust—General Rules
  • The Administration of the Special Needs Trust to Preserve Benefits
  • Drafting the Self-Settled Special Needs Trust
  • Drafting the Third-Party Special Needs Trust
  • The Treatment of Trusts under the MAGI Rules
  • Alternatives to Special Needs Trusts
  • Forms, Checklists, and Samples


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