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eDiscovery Symposium 2014

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Explore e-discovery in many different contexts, such as forensic investigations, employment law, and the use of e-discovery special masters. Gain a clear advantage as you learn about sample documents that will be indispensable in navigating e-discovery in the federal and state courts and avoiding common pitfalls. Keep yourself updated on everything you need to know about developments in e-discovery, including proposed amendments to federal rules of civil procedure, ethical obligations, the intersection of forensic investigation and e-discovery, streamlining e-discovery in complex cases, the use of social media evidence, and much more.

Summary of Contracts

Streamlining and Managing eDiscovery in Complex Cases in Federal Court
Intersection of Forensic Investigations and Electronic Discovery
eDiscovery in Employment Cases
Discovery and Use of Social Media at Trial
Ethical Obligation—A Lawyers’ Duty of Competency in eDiscovery
Use of eDiscovery Special Masters and eMediation
Proposed Amendments to FRCP
Sophisticated Technology Issues
eDiscovery Practice in Federal Court

Published: 4/1/2014
Pages: 659
Size: 8.5x11