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Shakespeare and the Law Book Club

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Shakespeare you say? What does Shakespeare have to do with the law? Quite a bit as it turns out. In fact, scholars have debated for years whether or not he was a lawyer because his works deal so often with matters of law, justice, right, and wrong. One could learn a good deal about how to frame a case and make a good argument from Shakespeare. Whether you are a litigator or a business lawyer there is much to be learned from “the bard.”

Summary of Contents

Justice, Revenge, and Compassion in The Merchant of Venice
Evidence and Othello
The Law and Sexuality, and the Unjust Judge in Measure for Measure
Julius Caesar and the Power of Effective Rhetoric
The Mind of a Murder - Macbeth
Choosing the Lawmakers in The History Plays

Published: 3/1/2015
Pages: 100
Size: 8.5x11