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How to Handle a Drug Case

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Explore a “how-to” that gives practical tips for pretrial investigation and discovery, pretrial motions, and trial litigation strategies. Discover what information should be obtained with your initial client interview, what evidence should be preserved, what you should expect to receive in standard informal discovery, the use of motions to quash, motions to compel discovery/bills of particular, and motions to suppress, sufficiency arguments, defense expert testimony, and much more!

Summary of Contents

Initial Steps In a Felony Drug Case
Preliminary Hearing Strategy
Non-discovery Pretrial Motions
Trial Strategy
Sentencing In a Felony Drug Case
Top 5 Differences between Federal and State Drug Trafficking Cases
Handling a Possession with Intent to Deliver Case from Arrest through Sentencing

Published: 7/1/2015
Pages: 490
Size: 8.5x11