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Estate Planning for the Family Vacation Home

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The family vacation house can be very personal and important to many people. In some cases it has been in a family for generations and is filled with pictures and memories and strong attachments. Maybe it is a house purchased by parents who envisioned it being kept and used by their children and grandchildren for many years. But circumstances and people change. Death, divorce, distance, financial troubles, or just lack of interest can force a family to change the terms of ownership of a family vacation house or sell it outright. Advising a family dealing with this process can be very difficult. Gain the insight you need to represent or advise in such a situation and learn how to evaluate the situation, explore possible solutions, and discover the benefits and burdens of each.

Summary of Contents

Planning for the Vacation Home
Estate and Gift Planning for the Vacation Home
Vacation Home Tax-Survival Guide
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Published: 5/1/2015
Pages: 48
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