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How to Prepare Fiduciary Accounts and Avoid Common Traps

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Do you know what the accounting duties are of the executors’ trustees and agents? Explore the necessary steps to identify what those duties are and what records are needed. Gain precise instructions on judicial accounting and record keeping and review balances, capital changes, and unusual assets and performance accounting.

Summary of Contents

How to Prepare a Fiduciary Account; Accounting Duties of Fiduciaries
Interaction Between Fiduciary Accounting Income, Taxable Income and Distributable Net Income
Pennsylvania Uniform Principal and Income Act
Examples of How to Account for Various Transactions
Traps and Problems – Balancing, Capital Changes, Unusual Assets
Recognizing When Accounting Reveals Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Practice Areas
Published: 9/1/2015
Pages: 462
Size: 8.5x11