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Criminal Law Symposium, 33rd Annual (Thumb Drive/Book Set)

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Explore a wide range of criminal law topics, including a survey of state and U.S. Supreme Court cases of the past year, search and seizure, DUI, SORNA, dealing with snitches, digital evidence, recent changes to the sentencing guidelines, and many more essential criminal law topics.

Summary of Contents

Volume 1

The Year in Review
Search and Seizure Update
DUI Update
Department of Corrections’ State Intermediate Punishment Program
Digital Evidence and the Ethics Behind Computer Security for the Defense Practitioner
How to Lose Your Trial without really Trying: A 12-Step Program to Avoid Juror Abuse
Addictions: Partnerships for Recovery
The Basics of Direct Appeal (where Following the Rules still Matters)
Criminal Appeals and Common Pitfalls Before the Superior Court
Lights, Camera, Verdict!
Handling Snitches – Direct and Cross Examination
Collateral Consequences: The Ramifications of a Criminal Conviction
Procedural Advantage — The First Rule Is Knowing the Rules
Combatting Human Trafficking: In the Courtroom and Beyond
The Art of Setting, Memorializing and Collecting Fees in Criminal Cases
Basics of PCRAs

Volume 2

SORNA: What’s New?
“Walking” with an Eyewitness Expert After Walker
Recent Changes to the Sentencing Guidelines and other Commission Mandates, including Risk Assessment
Judges Panel: Courtroom Decorum and Civility (ETHICS)
Co-Defendant Trials – When More Is Less
The Pennsylvania Sentencing Commission—What Were Those People Thinking When They Created the Sentencing Guidelines?
Toxicology 101 for Attorneys
When Should Attorneys Consult a Mental Health Expert?
Using Technology in Trial Preparation and During a Complex Criminal Trial
Preliminary Hearing Post-Ricker
New Law: Petition for Order of Limited Access
Why Was My Petition for Allowance of Appeal Denied?
Firearms Disabilities: How to Know if Your Guy Is That Guy and What to Do about It
Firearms: Navigating the Ethical Minefields
Defense Strategies to Structure Plea Agreements to Minimize Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions
The Most Common Recurring Legal Errors in Capital Cases
Capital Case Update
From Neuroscience and the Law to Jurors’ Understanding
The Latest in Forensics: Scientifically and Legally

Published: 6/1/2016
Pages: 1296
Volumes: 2
Size: 8.5x11