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Food Safety and Marketing...with a Drink on the Side

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Learn how the Food Safety Modernization Act applies and how regulatory compliance should be top of mind for food and beverage companies. Discover the interplay between the multiple agencies regulating food and beverage companies including the FDA, USDA, and the various state agencies. Gain an understanding of how a facility or producer becomes certified under the FSMA. Discover emerging legal trends as courts develop consistent approaches to handling class action lawsuits challenging health and nutrition marketing claims made by food and beverage companies and analyze the stringent standards imposed on food companies which regulate claims of “organic” and “health” food on labeling and discover how the food and beverage industry is complying with these regulations. Learn the steps that need to be taken to register beer brands in Pennsylvania and analyze the problems faced by companies in the registration process.

Summary of Contents

Overview of Food Safety and Labeling, Advertising and Alcohol
Enforcement in the Current Regulatory Environment……It Is NOT a Walk in the Park
Food Labeling and Food Safety: Kind®, Naked® and Legal Issues....Do you Know who Really Regulates Your Pizza? Where Is Your Beef From? What Is “Smart” about FOP Labelling?
Registering, Importing and Selling Alcohol in Pennsylvania

Published: 3/1/2016
Pages: 186
Size: 8.5x11