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Employee Handbooks: Achilles Heel or Hector’s Armor

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This book examines employee handbooks, the basic tool of every human resources department. It addresses the legal issues that employers and employees need to know, such as:

  • purpose of employee handbooks
  • reasons for and reasons against having an employee handbook
  • different handbooks for different geographic work jurisdictions
  • how to have an employee handbook without creating a contract
  • updating them – how often, why, how
  • specific provisions to include or not to include
  • legal claims that may arise out of employee handbook provisions
  • NLRB and other government agencies and impact on employee handbooks of regulations/decisions/ opinion letters

Table of Contents

Employee Handbooks – Achilles Heel or Hector’s Armor
  • Introduction
    • Purpose of Employee Handbooks
    • Problems with Handbooks
  • Drafting Basics
  • Drafting Errors That Are Easily Avoided
    • Using a Generic, Form Handbook
    • Creating an Employment Contract
    • Maintain Compliance with Federal, State and Local Laws
    • Ways to Reduce the Legal Risks
  • Policies Typically Included in an Employee Handbook
    • Introduction
    • Personnel Policies and Practices
    • Employee Benefits
  • The Final Review
    • Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say
    • Get It in Writing - Make Signed Acknowledgments Part of Your Handbook
  • Additional Resources
    • Recent Developments
Appendix: Memorandum GC 18-04 - Guidance on Handbook Rules Post-Boeing
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Published: 12/14/2018
Pages: 74
Size: 8.5x11